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Play Accordion Volume 1 (Book/CD Set)


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Accordion has been played and taught in Germany for a long time. In recent years it has been used increasingly in music genres which no longer fit the typical folk music clichés of the instrument: The Yiddish klezmer music conquered Europe by storm, Tango and Musette experienced a revival, many rock bands initiate the sentimental sound of the accordion. This book is both suited for playing the named musical genres and also the first volume of the successful accordion school by Peter Michael Haas.
Peter Michael Haas, pianist and keyboardist in various Rock, Fusion and Jazz bands, discovered his love for the accordion and Tango (among others) with a little help by the music of Astor Piazzolla. Since then, he has been on an international concert tour (among many others) with the singer Karsten Troyke and the duo-ensemble "Váci utca", has co-founded the "Trio Milonga" and the ensemble "New Tango Berlin" and has played in the ensemble of the actress and singer Meret Becker.
The first volume of "Play Accordion Vol.1" is divided into four chapters, containing many exercises that can also be found on the accompanying CD (incl. Play-along-tracks). In Chapter 1, the bases of learning the accordion will be presented (holding the instrument, sound registers and more) and the different playing techniques (legato, staccato, dynamics) can be practiced in simple first pieces in C major.  From Chapter 2 to Chapter 4, more and more keys are added, so that the student can play pieces in major and minor keys when finishing this book. Find out more about the instrument (sound registers, the inner life and the history of the accordion) and musical forms (Yiddish songs, Argentine tango, Chansons, Musette) with page references to the respective pieces in each chapter, which complete the extensive learning matter of this first volume and allow each student either with a teacher or through self-study to learn the accordion.
Play Accordion Volume 1 (Book/CD Set)

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