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LMH Accordions


NEW Black Fuselli Leather Accordion Bellows Clasps Chrome

Size A
Length from clasp to pivot
Length from end to end
(2.9in/7.5cm) (2.9in/7.5cm)  
(3.1in/8cm) (3.1in/8cm)  
(3.3in/8.5cm) (3.3in/8.5cm) (5.5in/13.5cm)
(3.5in/9cm) (3.5in/9cm) (5.75in/14.5cm)
(3.7in/9.5cm) (3.7in/9.5cm) (6in/15.5cm)
(3.9in/10cm) (3.9in/10cm) (6in/15.5cm)
(4.1in/10.5cm) (4.1in/10.5cm) (6in/15.5cm)
(4.3in/11cm) (4.3in/11cm)  
(4.5in/11.5cm) (4.5in/11.5cm)  
(4.7in/12cm) (4.7in/12cm)  


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