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Morganstern's Accordion (Book/CD Set) by Tobias Morgenstern


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Tobias Morgenstern, whose chamber music compositions for accordion (such as "Trio" for oboe, guitar and accordion, NM1309) published at Verlag Neue Musik, has released a playing book with pieces for accordion named "Morgenstern's Accordion" and the AMA Verlag.

After studying at the Academy of Music "Franz Liszt" in Weimar, he has worked as a freelance accordionist, composer, arranger, producer and studio musician. His concert tours have taken him to Italy, Czech Republic, Poland, Switzerland, USA and Canada. As a founding member of the band "L'art de Passage" and the Brazilian band "Sanfoneiro nordestino" he has been the artistic director of the "Theater on the edge" in Oderbruch since 1998. In addition to his apprenticeship for improvisation and accordion at the Hochschule für Musik "Hanns Eisler" in Berlin, he has been a juror since 2003 at the International Accordion Competition Klingenthal. Through his countless musical experiences, Tobias Morgenstern is an artist who can arouse emotions of all art-dimensions and beyond. Thus, stars like Gerhard Schöne, Bettine Wegner, Reinhard Mey, Rio Reiser, Andreas Dresen, Wenzel, Winnie Böwe or Barbara Thalheim rely on his skills.

His new work "Morgenstern's Accordion" is a collection of 60 pieces that connect the philosophy of the composer and musician and reflects on different styles of modern music. The compositions contain musicals styles from classical, country, folk music, tango, jazz, Latin and pop. Yet his compositions are designed so that the sounds and rhythms, that sound easy on other instruments like the guitar, can be easily adapted on the accordion. For this purpose, he has changed phrases and rhythms, which are then played in a way which mixes well with other instruments.

Therefore Morgenstern's compositions are pervaded by different chord combinations in the bass in which he exploits the untapped sonic resources of the instrument. So in most cases, the rhythms and groove are played in both hands, he deals with a strict division in tune, treble and the bass in most pieces. These compositions are intended for advanced musicians, but are given little assistance for the interpretation of the pieces. They also contain little fingering, they are found as recommendations in the bass notation. With the MP3 CD with play-backs that give a recommendation on the interpretation of the pieces, players get an easy access to the pieces and the opportunity to expand their repertoire.
01 Swing-in

02 Old Mac Kansy

03 Rendezvous with Elisabeth

04 Erik, the Hidden Comrade

05 Jazz Exercise 1

06 Last Year

07 About Elise

08 Imagine ...

09 Before the Crossing

10 Little Waltz for A

11 Little Swing

12 Little Melody

13 Between E and A

14 Evening Song

15 Mr. Joplin

16 Boogie in A

17 The First Snow

18 Always Straight Ahead

19 Carl on the Sofa

20 Folk Style

21 The Old Tractor

22 Oldtimer

23 Lucky Sixth

24 Already 5 After 9

25 Circus Tango

26 The Excursion

27 In Praise of Music

28 Hernando

29 Waltz for A

30 Tango La Strada

31 Lullaby

32 Going Home

33 Don’t Stay Too Long

34 The Morning

35 Reverie

36 Ostinato

37 Forro 1

38 Flowers on the Table

39 Aquarelli

40 Fall Melancholy

41 Jazz Exercise 2

42 Forro 2

43 Indian Country

44 Jazz Exercise 3

45 Bossa or Nova

46 Blues

47 New Day

48 Boogie Sam

49 The Old Sailboat

50 Early Evening

51 Mornings in the Mountain Lodge

52 Late Evenings in the Mountain Lodge

53 Samba Brazil

54 3 Becomes 2

55 Start the Samba

56 Marvelous World

57 On the Road to Opelousas

58 Little Improvisation

59 Turn on

60 Desayuno Español

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