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4610 - Black Dallape Limited Edition Roland FR-8X Digital Piano Accordion 41 120


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Brand: Roland
Model:  FR-8X Dallape
Type:  Digital Piano Accordion
Reeds:  Reedless, Fully Digital V-Accordion
Treble:  41 Keys, 19.25"(49cm) Key to Key, 14+M Registers
Bass:  120 Bass Buttons, 7 Registers
Weight:  26lbs / 12kg
Features: Limited Edition Model with Dallape Expansion and Upgraded Design
Includes:  Used Straps and Soft Case, 6 Month Store Warranty
Suggested Upgrades:  New Straps, New Case, Accordion Stand, Spray Polish

  • Exclusive special edition version of the flagship FR-8x V-Accordion, with a limited production of only 500 numbered instruments
  • Piano-type and button-type models available
  • Includes the complete Dallapè Sound Library for V-Accordion in addition to all standard FR-8x sounds and features
  • Beautiful black finish, metal grille with Dallapè logo, and highly decorated bellows
  • Leather/Alcantara shoulder and bass straps; Alcantara back strap
  • Dynamic Bellows Behavior technology emulates the true bellows response of an acoustic accordion in every register
  • Four powerful multi-effects engines (MFX), with dedicated MFX for Accordion, Orchestra 1, Orchestra 2, and Orchestra Chord sections
  • Large, easy-to-read color display, intuitive panel layout, and three programmable chin switches for hands-free control of a variety of functions
  • Onboard looper for creating instant backing accompaniment
  • Recording, audio playback, and more via convenient USB memory; USB COMPUTER port for integrating with MIDI music software
  • Dallapè Sound Library Plus All FR-8x Sounds and Features

    The limited edition FR-8x Dallapè model features the celebrated Dallapè Sound Library—available as an optional expansion collection for other V-Accordions—built right into the instrument. Thanks to Roland’s refined sampling technologies, players can enjoy historical Dallapè models such as the 1871, Liturgica, and many others, with quick one-touch access via dedicated sets. The FR-8x Dallapè also includes the complete sound selection and powerful feature set of the standard FR-8x, which provides a full compliment of authentic accordion sounds from around the world, over 180 orchestra and percussion sounds, and much more.

  • Play in Luxury

    Inspired by the classic designs of historic Dallapè accordions, the FR-8x Dallapè offers a gorgeous, sophisticated look with luxurious accessories. It features a distinguished gloss black finish, along with a special metal grille bearing the original Dallapè logo. The high-quality bellows is beautifully decorated for a striking appearance on stage, while the included shoulder, bass, and back straps are constructed with leather and Alcantara for a touch of elegance. A handsome plaque denotes the exclusive number of each FR-8x Dallapè among the limited production of 500 instruments.

  • True Acoustic Response with Dynamic Bellows Behavior

    Newly developed for the FR-8x series, Dynamics Bellows Behavior technology represents a real breakthrough for digital accordionists. In an acoustic accordion, sounds are produced by reeds that vibrate with airflow generated by the movement of the bellows; the resistance of the bellows constantly varies, depending on how many reeds are selected and how many notes are played at once. Dynamic Bellows Behavior in the FR-8x series automatically adjusts the air transfer in the bellows in real time based on the selected register and the number of notes played, accurately replicating the familiar and comfortable bellows feel of an acoustic accordion. Dynamic Bellows Behavior can be easily disabled for players that prefer the bellows feel of previous V-Accordions.

  • Friendly Interface with Color Display and Intuitive Panel Layout

    The FR-8x Dallapè features a large, recessed color display that makes it easy to see and edit various parameters, while the intuitive panel layout provides fast operation via many dedicated buttons and knobs. Three programmable chin switches let you control a variety of functions such as changing registers, selecting user programs, and more, all without lifting your hands off the keyboards. Additionally, 1400 user program memories provide ample storage for custom settings, with quick fingertip recall in every performing situation.

  • All-in-One Operation and Onboard Battery Charging

    The FR-8x Dallapè is a self-contained instrument, complete with a rechargeable onboard battery and built-in stereo amplification system. Battery charging is accomplished simply by connecting the included AC adapter directly to the FR-8x Dallapè, and you can play without interruption during the charging process. All device connections are located right on the instrument, including MIDI, USB, and audio jacks for interfacing with an external amplification or recording system.

  • Zones, Layers, and Drums

    With the FR-8x series, more layering and zone setup options are possible in the right-hand keyboard modes than ever before. Whole, Zone, High, and Low modes are provided, giving you the ability to play up to four different tones at once. Left-hand keyboard modes now include layering options as well. The programmable Drum function takes accordion performance to a fun new dimension, letting you play percussion sounds manually with the Bass & Chord buttons.

  • Powerful Multi-Effects and Onboard Looper

    Explore all-new sonic textures with the FR-8x Dallapè’s four independent multi-effects engines (MFX), which provide dedicated processing for the Accordion, Orchestra 1, Orchestra 2, and Orchestra Chord sections. Each engine has 84 different effects types, offering a wide range of enhancement from subtle to dramatic. With the onboard looper, you can instantly record and overdub accordion performances using the FR-8x Dallapè’s enormous selection of sounds, creating impressive on-the-spot backing accompaniment for improvisation.

  • USB Song Playback, Recording, and More

    The handy MP3/WAV song player lets you play along with pre-recorded musical tracks for practice and live backing via optional USB memory. Just plug your USB stick into the convenient front-panel USB MEMORY port, then select and play songs with dedicated, easy-to-reach controls. With the touch of a button, your accordion performances can be recorded directly to USB memory as well, perfect for archiving, evaluation, and education. USB memory also offers a convenient way to save/load customized accordion sets and install new sounds and software updates. The USB COMPUTER port on the side panel opens up the world of modern music production to accordionists, providing the ability to easily connect the FR-8x Dallapè to a computer and use it with popular MIDI software as a unique, expressive controller and a powerful sound engine.

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