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3643 - Black SEM Ciao Wireless Midi Piano Accordion Reedless Digital


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Brand: SEM
Model: Ciao Wireless Version 2.0
Type: Piano Accordion
Reeds: Digital
Treble: 41 Keys, 19"(48cm) Key to Key, 12 Registers
Bass: 120 Bass Buttons, 0 Registers
Weight: 22lbs / 10kg
Features: Midi and Microphones, Lightweight Fully Digital Accordion
Includes: Used Straps and Case, Power Supply, Instrument Cable, Wireless Transmitter, Battery Charger, 6 Month Store Warranty
Suggested Upgrades: New Straps, New Case, Accordion Stand, Dust Cover
The new CIAO Version 2.0 features:

400 preset sounds. All sounds accessible by directly inputting a single number from 0 to 399 (no bank numbers and no Program Change numbers to worry about). This allows true tonal changing on the fly while you are performing.

Accordion samples are smoother across the keyboard and are more realistic, especially the Master registers.

Unique preset split sounds give you one-half a keyboard of one sound with one-half a keyboard of a totally different sound.

Pre-layered sounds are offered for additional sound complexity and fullness.

Percussive effects available on the bass sounds for drum like realism.
New, improved Upright, Electric and Synth bass sounds.

Amazing strumming mandolins with or w/o strings!

Responsive treble keyboard natural bass feel.

Headphone jack for private practice or direct recording.

Now with twice as many global preset memories as before (24 of them) to allow instant ONE TOUCH access to your favorite sound combinations.

Now you can assign the right hand and left hand sounds to separate outputs.

Whether as a fully Reedless Model or as part of a complete easy to use state of the art midi setup for a new acoustic accordion, the new Ciao midi system with 400 sounds will prove to be an absolute joy to play you won't be able to put it down!

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