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4219 - Fixer Upper Black Dallape Organtone Tone Chamber Piano Accordion LMMH 41 120 FOR PARTS OR REPAIR


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Brand: Dallape
Model: Organtone
Type: Piano Accordion
Reeds: 4/5 LMMH
Treble: 41 Keys, 19.25"(49cm) Key to Key, 8 Registers
Bass: 120 Bass Buttons, 1 Register
Weight: 23.5lbs / 10.5kg
Features: Single tone chamber, switch indicators, chin master switch
Condition: Fixer Upper Instruments for Parts or Repair
Fixer Upper Instrument for Parts or Repair. Sold in untested, "as-is" non-functional condition. No warranty on fixer upper instruments or parts, but our standard return policy applies.

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