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New Black Hohner Superforce 37 Key Melodica


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Powerful riffs, blasting drums, forceful bass lines – and a melodica. Sounds weird? No, sounds like a perfect match! If you’ve ever heard a melodica in Rock music, you’ll know what we’re talking about. And with the Superforce 37, we have created the perfect melodica for those about to rock. The beautiful, all-black design, with its black body and black keys, will definitely turn heads. And the airtight construction promises maximum sound from the strong low and crisp high notes – making the Superforce 37 a powerful live instrument for advanced and professional players.

Technical Specifications:

Tonal range: f, small octave, f, three-lined octave
Length: 46 cm / 18”
Weight: 650 g
Color: all-black
Packing: zip-up bag with carry strap

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