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Accordion Babes Calendar and Album 2019: Women of Passion


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The Accordion Babes 2019 compilation CD is a selection of jazz, electronic, blues, Cajun, ska, rock, polka, tango, even traditional Breton sea-chanty and spoken word. The bands and arrangements are just as diverse, from huge rocking horn sections to simple, sincere folk musicians playing old melodies. We hope you’ll love the music as passionately as we do

2019 – Women of Passion
From ancient times to the modern day, appreciating women’s bodies is part of human culture, just like appreciating music is part of our culture. The photos in the 2019 Accordion Babes Calendar combine a timeless 1940’s pin-up aesthetic with modern photography, appreciating women and accordions in a way that’s sensuous, fun, and inspiring. On the 2019 Accordion Babes CD, each Babe has shared one of her songs on an album that’s eclectic, passionate, and wildly alive.

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