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NEW AZS ZS-106 Power Accordion Microphone Kit 4x1 Mono

The system uses five unidirectional super cardioid condenser microphones for keys and one omnidirectional for bass; Has tonal equalizers, mono stereo-output switching on the main board. The Microphones are dual, each microphone is equivalent to two. Exclusive technology from AZS is responsible for reducing the level of feedback on stages by rejecting the external level by up to 30dB. It has individual volume adjustments for the keyboard and bass. A blue high-brightness LED Power-on indicator. The circuit works with the frequency of 20hz to 25khz, sound level up to 150 dB is powered by a battery of 9 Volts. System consumption 2 mA, alkaline battery lasting approximately 300 hours standard output P10 mono. Can be used with a balanced cable. Ruler length 35 cm width 2 cm and height 0.8 cm. Microphone rejection up to 30db.

Made in Germany by SENNHEISER.

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