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The modern one row melodeon is most closely related to the original 1829 patent for the accordion by Cyrill Demian in Vienna.  The layout is very similar to a diatonic harmonica that plays one key in a bi-sonoric manner.   Due to the small, lightweight size of the instrument it traveled all over the world but is most popular in Cajun, French Canadian, and Irish traditional music.  

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NEW Alder Castiglione Cajun Melodeon Diatonic Button Accordion Key of G LMMH 10 2



NEW Decorated Cherry Dino Baffetti Art. 21 Organetto G MM 11 2



NEW Walnut Beltuna Cajun Melodeon Diatonic Button Accordion C LMMH 10 2



NEW White Pearl Dino Baffetti Art. 41 Organetto Diatonic Button Accordion G LMM 13 4


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