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The Classical Concertina

The English concertina is credited to Sir Charles Wheatstone, who first patented such a design in 1829 in Great Britain.  These instruments are unisonoric so that the same note is played in both directions of the bellows push and draw.  They are also favored by classical musicians who desire a small, portable fully chromatic instrument.  The most common ranges are treble (G to C), tenor (C to F), and baritone (F to B).
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4001 - Walnut Wheatstone Mayfair English Concertina Alto G3-C6



5118 - Mahogany English Concertina Treble G#3-C6



New Black Concertina Connection Busker Treble English Concertina 36



NEW Black Concertina Connection Jack English Concertina Baritone G2-C5



NEW Black Stagi A-56-N English Concertina Treble/Tenor C3-C7



NEW Cherry Concertina Connection Rose Treble English Concertina 45


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