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5790 - Black Petosa P 1000 C Chromatic Button Accordion C LMMM 87 120

The instrument has a famous Petosa Mahogany Tone Chamber, With one set of bassoon reeds and three sets of clarinet reeds the instrument features both concert and musette sounds. The 10 bass switches would allow you to find the perfect balance between treble and bass for any selected reed combination. You can play this accordion as a fine acoustic instrument, as amplified accordion, as a MIDI instrument sounding like a full orchestra, or in any combination. 

The S-2000 Midi system offers:

99 programmable presets in memory; 

Seven individually programmable MIDI control sections; monophonic, polyphonic, bass, chords, auxiliary 1, auxiliary 2, drums (sequencer), can transmit on seven MIDI channels simultaneously.

Each section allows programmability of the following MIDI controls; MIDI channel (1-16), program change (01-256), volume (00-128), transpose (6 octave range), dynamic touch sensitivity of right left side (with 5 velocity curves), bellow dynamics control, real-time expression pedals and foot switch controls.

Velocity sensitive action of both treble bass keys with adjustable velocity rates; or assign fixed levels for each section.

*Bellow dynamics control (optional), in each section, to send MIDI controller messages after-touch, (volume, pitch, modulation, X-fades, panning, etc...).

Eight sound modes available on keyboard section; split keyboard, monophonic, polyphonic, mono mono, poly poly, mono poly, mono poly2 (two keys played), mono poly3 (three keys played).

MIDI synchronization of rhythm units and / or sequencers; (control tempo, start / stop, fill-ins, etc...). Special function; double mode operation, (allows up to four transmitting channels of right and left hand).

Cancel section; four micro-switch controls, (for immediate on / off selections of mono, poly, bass, chords).

Three simultaneous programmable controller swell pedals in each section; for real-time control of volume expression, stereo panning, pitch-bend, modulation, etc...

Four programmable on / off controller switches available in each section; for real-time control of sustain, tremolo, chorus, portamento, program change, start / stop, fill-ins, etc... Also, preset increment and decrement.

Four real-time volume controls for immediate control over; (mono, poly, bass, chord sections).

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