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Assemble the Aviary by Dovekins


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A year ago, three men of worth, went to sail the seas upon a vessel, dubbed the dove in lovely Hawaii maybe not, the sailing types these three men worked and swam sailed they hadn’t but help they had from the Ghost of R.L. Graham and lo' they only made it-but
-A couple hundred miles before they had to turn around and sail back to the aisles so yah, they failed but still they flew to friends up in Seattle where they loved and hugged and played and chugged and cried and learned and battled and south they went, the northwest spent port-land-of-hopes-and-dreams they spent their days, with love betrayed and yet the moonlight beamed it sent them hitching, further south to Frisco disco dark they found the bridge, and found the gate, got tickets in the park. and then some friends, what beautiful friends, they took them under wing and let it fall right into place the magic Frisco brings with faces red, and brighter step lungs led our faithful crew back to the road, to travel home they wished this love adieu the days went fast, o’er rusty tracks and salt flats, spanning miles they made it back, these men (still boys) after months of charging trials so what became, of pirates young, locked deep into the land? they took their Breaths, opened their Hearts and started up a band...
Song List:
1. Great Eastern Sun
2. Walks So High 
3. The Dalles
4. Freddie the Tree 
5. Honduras  
6. Golden Pennies (free)  
7. The Dells 
8. No Ability  
9. Jellyfish  
10. Raining Buttons  
11. Clocktower  
12. More Charley More  
13. Waltz (Dictionary; i)

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