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Accordion Go East Book/CD Set (Book/CD Set) Russian, Jewish, and Roma Songs and Dances by Peter Michael Haas

Accordion Go East Book/CD Set (Book/CD Set) Russian, Jewish, and Roma Songs and Dances by Peter Michael Haas



At the Gate of the Old Tsar's Palace 

Nane Zocha 

Accompaniment to Nane Zocha 

Stenka Rasin 

Down the Kasanka 

Karen's Klezmer

About Freygish and Karaguna: Scales in East European Music

Ornamentation in the Melody - The Trill 

A Song and a Dance from Romania - Farkojfn di Saposhkelech 

Ando Verdan 

Three Yiddish Dance Songs

Ozhidanje (Expection)

Accompaniment to Ozhidanje 

Tanz, Yidelekh!

Yolanda's Csárdás 

Playing Tips: Play "Crisp" Rhythms 

The "Kick" for the Chords 

Amol is gewen a Majsse/Once There Was a Story (Yiddish Lullaby) 

"Ich hob dich tsifil lib" - Interview with Karsten Troyke


A Retenish - Mystery Song 

Broyges Tants - Dance of the Mothers-in-Law 



Avinu Malkenu - Our Father, our King 


"One line from a violin and you'll already have goose bumps!" - Interview with Katjusha Kozubek

Black Eyes - Otshi tshornije 

New Melodic Ornamentation: Double Notes, Grace Notes, and Trills 



Accompaniment to Sherele 

Minek a szoke ennékem 

Caj Shukarie 

Daitschewo from Odessa 

Bulgar from Odessa 

Accompaniment to Bulgar and Odessa 

Pchurane Roma 

A Small Overview of Rhythms in Klezmer Music

Naftule Brandwein's Forspil and Freylach 

"I love all music that has something to say!" - Interview with Alan Bern

Good Old Sirbas

Terkisher Honik 



Nane Zocha (C-Concert Instruments) 

Nane Zocha (Bb-Concert Instruments) 

Ozhidanje (C-Concert Instruments 

Ozhidanje (Bb-Concert Instruments) 

Sherele (C-Concert Instruments) 

Sherele (Bb-Concert Instruments) 

Bulgar from Odessa (C-Concert Instruments) 

Bulgar from Odessa (Bb-Concert Instruments) 

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