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Dances from Flanders & Wallonia for Accordion

This collection of characteristic dances from Flanders and Wallonia features a cross-section of the repertoire and demonstrates the diversity of this area's cultural heritage. Belgium consists of Flanders in the north and Wallonia in the south and each region has its own traditional folk music, both displaying similarities as well as differences. The accordionist Marinette Bonnert has collected the most beautiful pieces and Tomasso Huber has adapted them to create authentic, easy to intermediate arrangements for accordion. The notation and chord indications for the left hand comply with international standards. 23 easy to middle-grade characteristic dances from Flanders and Wallonia for standard-bass accordion Notation and left-hand chord symbols are in accordance with the international standard Introductory background information is provided by Marinette Bonnert, who grew up with this music
  • Trad. Wallonie: Passepied de Vieuxville
  • Trad. Wallonie: Passepied de la poule noire
  • Trad. Wallonie: Merri Kate
  • Trad. Wallonie: La pleine lune
  • Trad. Wallonie: Le menuet de la chaine
  • Trad. Wallonie: Polka du boulet
  • Trad. Wallonie: Les Tcherons
  • Trad. Wallonie: Amoureuse du Val de Salm
  • Trad. Wallonie: Valse
  • Trad. Wallonie: Richard Snary
  • Trad. Wallonie: Captain Flash
  • Trad. Wallonie: La joviale Soirée du Tivoli
  • Trad. Wallonie: L'Eveillée
  • Trad. Wallonie: Le point du jour Le point du jour
  • Trad. Flandern: Wandeling
  • Trad. Flandern: Wals
  • Trad. Flandern: Redova
  • Trad. Flandern: La jolie fille
  • Trad. Flandern: La Gavre
  • Trad. Flandern: Schottish de Zaventem
  • Trad. Flandern: Polka de Hofstade
  • Trad. Flandern: Valse de Kortenberg
  • Trad. Flandern: D'afnemen

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