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The Wind in the Hollow Generations [CD]


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This album is a tribute to the family members who started our musical journey in life, which resulted in the formation of Glenrose in 1991, and continues today with their Great Grandchildren. It is a compilation of band recordings accumulated between 1998 and 2013. Original tunes are combined with traditional Irish, Scottish, English, Scandanavian, Quebecois, American, and Eastern European dance tunes and music. The setting of the tunes was inspired by the family homestead in 'The Hollow' in rural Upstate New York, and is intended to create a broad tapestry of moods and sound.
Song List:
1. Maple Tops
2. Maelstrom/Yellow Tinker/Mooncoin
3. The Blue Goat/Ingvar's Tune
4. The Wind In the Hollow/Clem's Surprise
5. Catherine's Waltz
6. Rusty Dusty Knives and Forks
7. McLanahan's March/ Come over the water to Charlie
8. Eklundapolska NR. 3/Bouree in 3/4/ Les Poules Houppees
9. Hamburger Polka Fra Hardanger
10. The Blackhawk Waltz/ Blueskirt waltz
11. Timmy Clifford's/ stutters Reel/ Dirty Harry
12. Frankie Sparacino's/ Reel Beatrice/ Sam's Threat
13. Castletown Conners/ Amsterdam 
14. Star of the County Down/ Maple Tops

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