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The Piano Accordion - Absolute Beginners (Compact Disc)


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This recording has been produced as a companion soundtrack to the book of the same title. Every musical example is recorded, providing a valuable guide for students of the instrument.
Song List:
Jingle Bells
When the Saints
The Scale of C Major
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Baa Baa Black Sheep
The Scale of G Major
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
South Australia
Counting 4/4 Time
British Grenadiers
Rattlin' Bog
Bass Exercise 1
Bass Exercise 2
G Major Arpeggio
D Major Arpeggio
Skip to My Lou
Bobby Shaftoe
Winster Processional
Rattlin' Bog
Donkey Riding
South Australia
British Grenadiers
Bass Exercise 3
C Major Arpeggio
Shepherds' Hey
Shave the Donkey
Young Collins
The Scale of D Major
A Major Arpeggio
Banbury Bill
The Rose Tree
Bass Exercise 4
Winster Gallop
Nelly Bligh
Bonny Breast Knot
Counting 3/4 Time
Bass Exercise 5
Michael Turner's Waltz
Sweet Jenny Jones
Bass Exercise 6
The South Wind
Shoe the Donkey
Sonny's Mazurka
Bass Exercise 7
Bass Exercise 8
I Have a Bonnet
The Man in the Moon
Counting 6/8 Time
Humpty Dumpty Rhythm
Bass Exercise 9
Bass Exercise 10
Cock of the North
Balance the Straw
Constant Billy
MacNamara's Band
Bass Exercise 1
Uncle Bernard's Polka
The Lass O' Dallowgill
The Derry Boat
E Minor Dorian Mode
E Minor Aeolian Mode
The Bear Dance
The Rigged Ship
Drops of Brandy
Scattery Island
A Minor Dorian Mode
A Minor Aeolian Mode
O'Keeffe's Slide
Spancil Hill
Counting 2/4 Time
Camptown Races
Peat Fire Flame
Ballydesmond Polka
Uncle Reuben
Egan's Polka
Tralee Gaol
The Scale of A Major
Sweeney's Polka
Hundred Pipers
The Keel Row
Katie Bairdie
Roxburgh Castle
The Blackthorn Stick
Irish Washerwoman
The Tenpenny Bit
Durham Rangers
Drowsy Maggie the Fairy Dance

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